Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pine Mountain Trail

On the road out from the Allatoona Visitor's Center, I spotted the parking lot for the newest recreation area for the City of Cartersville, GA. The morning two-mile hike just wasn't enough fresh air for my mind and body, so I insisted that we hike the East Loop of this trail.

This picture is supposed to show how steep the trail is.

We began our 2.34 mile walk at 900 feet above sea level.

I had to stop often to catch my breath, as the summit level (1562) confirmed the moderate to difficult status of this trail.

Here is am at the top, smiling because I'm so proud of myself :)

We lunched on tuna fish sandwiches and enjoyed this view of north Georgia.

There will be more hikes like this because I'd love to do this one again. On foot or on a bike :)

Plus there's the Vineyard Mountain Trail at Riverside Park, 6.5 miles, calling my name. It's on the other side of Allatoona Dam in Bartow County. Here's a link to more trails in the Etowah Valley area.

And then, closer to my home, but still in Bartow, there's the Pine Log Creek Trail, 4.5 miles long.

Let's go!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bravo Company / 1st Battalion / 6th Infantry Regiment

My nephew leads this company and buried in this post detailing his 25th week in Iraq is the impressive news that he received a Bronze Star!

Praying today for those who serve and protect us militarily,

I feel small.