Friday, September 28, 2012

Curves Circuit Training

Top 10 reasons I exercise at Curves ~

 Safety -
 The location is well-lit and close to home.  I feel comfortable driving home even after dark.
All Girls
 I just feel less self-conscious exercising around women.
Climate Control
Neither inclement winter weather nor scorching summer heat impedes my workout.
Plus the HVAC is pretty consistent indoors :-)
I've made some friends who help make the task more enjoyable.
Weight Control
Losing pounds was never my first priority.  But after 2 1/2 years of consistent training, my shape is firmer. I've only lost 6 pounds, but that includes 2% body fat.  Update: 2017 - I lost 6 more pounds after writing this post and have been able to keep it off by continuing with the Curves Circuit.
Improved sleep
On the days that I exercise I am less likely to wake up in the middle of the night.
Improved metabolism
Lab results to prove my numbers.
Improved mood
If perhaps I arrive at the club a little out-of-sorts, I always leave feeling better... even accomplished
Improved digestion
Indigestion/gastritis symptoms are fewer and far between.
Low-pressure sales
The staff doesn't push products.  Even though there are clothes, vitamins, protein powder, etc displayed prominently, I appreciate that I don't feel compelled to buy.   2017 pdate:  I have enjoyed snacking on Curves bars and wearing a couple of pieces of their clothing.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random About Me

Reposting here from a 2009 Facebook note, I am including a summer photo. DD#4 and I were on a 12-mile hike around Callaway Gardens and she snapped this from behind. Yikes!
1. I have two blogs with the same title, HiddenArt, borrowed from Edith Schaeffer's book.
2. I am disciplined, realistic, predictable, and honest, according to a personality test. 
3. I am a pack rat, but feel better about it since I found out that Ruth Graham was too.
4. I like black coffee, diet Coke, and Beefeaters Gin - separately!
5. I am directionally-challenged, which means if a wrong turn can be taken, I'll choose it.
6. I finished high school in three years and college in three years.
7. I met Princess Grace and her family when I was fifteen.
8. I had a root canal when I was 10 yrs old. It forever changed my feelings about dentists.
9. I lived at 11A Elm Street, Mtn Home AFB, ID when I was five.
10.I am a morning person.
11.I try to use both sides of a piece of paper.
12.I prefer salty over sweet, crunchy over smooth.
13.I dont have much of a sense of humor.
14.I used to speak French fluently.
15.I like to cook and have taken lessons from Nathalie Dupree.
16.I am very near-sighted and have worn contacts since I was eleven.
17.I asked Stansfield Turner if he worked for the government.
18.I have 28 nieces and nephews.
19.I saw the movie Mary Poppins at a drive-in theater in 1967.
20.I cant draw and was kicked out of a 7th-grade art class.
21.I have lived at my current address since May 1988.
22.I prefer the color orange over red.
23.I used cloth diapers for all my children.
24.I can read while riding in the car without adverse effects.
25.I am related to two people who have Wikipedia pages.

Saturday, September 01, 2012


Statistics below represent only half of this morning's ride, since I forgot to restart my iPhone after a short water break.  I figure I road at least another 30 minutes mainly in and around the college campus:  circling the Falany Performing Arts Center thrice, circum-navigating the new football field and baseball diamonds, and encountering the nursery/maintenance outbuildings.

Initially, I was expecting to ride Reinhardt University's Trail, but it was roped off.  Not wanting to abandon my efforts, I just took off riding around campus and the small town of Waleska (Fincher Rd).  I road on the street, some dirt and gravel paths, but mainly sidewalk, clocking close to ten miles.