Saturday, June 30, 2012

Right vs Left-Brained

I am not surprised at my results.

Perhaps some of my readers will take the quiz and let me know which side of their brain *dominates*

Which Side of your Brain Do You Use?
Your Result: Left Side
The left side of the brain processes information in a linear manner. It processes from part to whole. It takes pieces, lines them up, and arranges them in a logical order; then it draws conclusions. You look at the details not the big picture. You use logic not imagination. The left brained person is a list maker. You would enjoy making master schedules and and daily planning. Learning things in sequence is easy for you. You are probability a good speller. Left-brained people memorize vocabulary words or math formulas better. You also use logic. When you read and listen, you look for the pieces so that you can draw logical conclusions. The left side of the brain deals with things the way they are-with reality. When left brain students are affected by the environment, they usually adjust to it. Left brain people want to know the rules and follow them. So basically you are smart! Congratulations!
Right Side
Which Side of your Brain Do You Use?
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Menu

Freshly Caught Wild Georgia Shrimp
(purchased at Harry's - Whole Foods)
(boiled for 3 mins in seasoned water, drained then chilled)
Louis Sauce (homemade)
Pesto Pasta (fettucini)
Grilled Summer Squash
 'n Sweet Peppers
Rosemary French Baguette (Harry's)

Pinot Grigio (Italian everyday)
Sweet Tea for DH

Harry's Fresh Fruit Tart w/whipped cream 
(strawberries, blueberries, blackberries)