Thursday, October 01, 2015

Top Ten - Pumpkin

Aside from the proverbial jack-o-lantern use for pumpkins, I have found a host of ways to enjoy this plentiful autumn gourd.

After roasting and pureeing, here are the top ten ways I've enjoyed pumpkin and its flavoring ~ links, if available

1)  soup
     really easy to fix, and I generally leave out the milk/cream
2)  roasted seeds
     freeze well, and a treat to add to salads
3)  pie
     DD#4 prepared a noteworthy version this year
4)  bars
     bought some cookie bars at the grocery store this year
5)  cake
     bought one from my favorite bakery this year
6)  muffins
     received some as a gift this year
7)  cheesecake
     too easy to buy the Cheesecake Factory version at BJs
8)  frappe (pictured)
     low-calorie, nutritious meal replacement
9)  latte
     coffee, vanilla protein powder, and Torani pumpkin syrup
10) ice cream
      Turkey Hill brand tastes delicious alone or a la mode

PS  I use Libby's canned pumpkin mostly, but insist on freshly roasted, pureed for my soup.

PPS  Bonus link to DD#2's recipe for pumpkin bread  ;-)