Sunday, February 26, 2006


I like to sing. And I especially like to sing hymns. It's my favorite part of worship, after hearing the Word preached, that is. I like to hear others sing, too.

I oftentimes use hymns for my devotions, so I was particularly glad to read Christopher Wordsworth's (nephew of William) quote: *It is the first duty of a hymn to teach sound docrine and thence save souls." One of my favorite evening worship formats is to learn about hymns, their writers and their tunes.

I learned Wordsworth's hymn O Day of Rest and Gladness to Lowell Mason's tune, Mendelbras.

Click on the time to tell me about one of your favorite hymns.

PS There was a posted dated 2/18/06, in which I answered Donna's Friday Five, but it vanished!

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