Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where Are You?

Some people like Cindy, like to move, I don’t. So, my list of places I've lived is rather short. If anyone asks where I'm from (standard 1st question in the South), it's the big *A*, even tho' I'm 40 miles north of it right now, and rarely venture into the city. This list is chronological.

Atlanta, GA
Mtn Home AFB, ID
Atlanta, GA
Hillsdale, MI
Atlanta, GA
Alexandria, VA
Kalamazoo, MI
Charleston, SC
Gadsden, AL
Rome, GA
Canton, GA

Blogging will be lighter than normal until the end of the month, as reunion time is here!!


  1. Dana,

    I love the photos of you and your siblings on the reunion page! The picture in 1963 is my favorite. What happy expressions on your little faces :o)


  2. How did you like living in your 2 non-southern states? I told me husband I didn't want to live any farther north than Knoxville. I did my time.

  3. Oh, I just looked at the pictures,too. My siblings and I could have been in your family. We were blonds with bangs in 60's too.

  4. Dana, I just made a quadruple batch of your black bean salad for a wedding reception this evening. Blessings on you and your great recipes!

    I hope you are having fun reuniting, but come back and blog soon!

  5. I sure miss you, too. Hope you're doing well!