Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bridal Preview

Sweet picture taken by my cousin in the bride's dressing room. If any of my readers have Facebook accounts, you might be able to view some wedding candids by searching *Giles Jago Simmer*

It will be over a week before the professional photos are available for online viewing. You will need to leave me a comment or contact me via e-mail, so that I can tell you the password.


  1. Oh how lovely!
    Your daughter is beautiful.

    I recognize the dress from the beautiful portrait painted my your relative.

    Did you reinact that scene?

    I will be in touch to get the password...and I will ask Emma to fine the pics on facebook for me.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Awww, Dana, she looks beautiful!! I'd never seen Tia's dress before. very lovely!

    BTW, I've decided to post a bit lately... ;-)

  3. This looks like my mom's wedding dress. It is truly beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sending me the link. I flipped through them while making dinner on Tuesday. I'm eager to give them some time and let you know my favorites. Your dress was perfectly beautiful.