Thursday, May 24, 2007

Friends for the Journey

Last Thursday my mother and I traveled to visit a dear friend whom we have know for over 45 years! MF worked for our family for ten years in the sixties and then moved to the Pacific NW for 30 yrs, recently returning to GA.

We had the best time reminiscing, telling stories, laughing, eating, and just plain reconnecting. MF is a care-giver par excellence, having worked in the childcare industry for over 20 years (after rearing us!) and having *adopted* several special needs children. Futhermore, she is a super cook.

Look at this spread! Back in the back next to the German Chocolate Cake is a tin of sweet potato cobbler. OH.MY.GOODNESS. So, very yum!

And I got to take home leftovers!!

I look forward to keeping in touch.


  1. awww, you made tears come to my eyes! I wish *I* could be giving MF a hug.... Is that her home? how lovely!!

  2. What a wonderful visit.
    Did she make all that food for you and your mother?

  3. There were four kinds of meats, loads of veggies, three desserts...a true feast. I'm still enjoying the leftovers.