Friday, June 27, 2008

Fashion on Friday

Here's a picture of my fun, summer handbag, sitting on the seat beside me in the car.

I'm pretending to travel to all those places.

Even the newspaper is pitching travel close to home because of the high gasoline prices.

This AJC article details a visit to close-by Rome, GA in contrast to faraway Rome, Italy.

Furthermore, I read about a fancy, downtown hotel trying to drum up business by offering weekend getaways to the locals - one of which highlights a cooking class with their master chef.

Now that catches my interest :)

Staycation is a new vocabulary word for me, but it fits our lifestyle this summer.

What are you doing for vacation?


  1. What a gorgeous bag! I just read about staycations, too!

    We'll be heading out to my parents' home at the lake often this summer. Before we moved to Alabama, going to visit my parents at the lake was always our "vacation." It was cheap and fun and wonderful for our military family. Now that we live here, we STILL love going to the grandparents at the lake, even though now we make day trips instead of staying at their house for a week or two. It's a 12-mile trip, so much easier on the gas-tank!

  2. We rarely take vacations. It is part of farm life. I tease my hubby that I want to go on a vacation--and not take the cows with us. This is because about the only time the whole family gets off the farm is when there is a cattle show such as the state fair or World Beef Expo. La! I'd LOVE to take a vacation!

    Perhaps I'll end up tagging along to the homeschool alumni trip with my dd--she needs someone to go who can drive some of the distance.

    And then there is the hospital stay ahead of us with my son while he has back surgery...but I don't count that as a vacation :(