Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Manchester Mill

Several weeks ago a friend and I took advantage of a ranger-guided tour through the remains of this successful cotton mill destroyed by the Yankees on July 9, 1864.

It sparked my memory and I returned to my own family history where a great-great-great uncle raccounts the destruction of the Planters Factory on the Ocmulgee River this very week 146 years ago.  Read a short clip about it on my other blog.

While I got my exercise that day, learned some history, and absorbed some beautiful vistas, I couldn't help but recommit my body and being to resisting the continued encroachment of the Federal government into the hearts and lives of all Americans.

General Sherman wanted to do it then.

Legislators and politicans continue that mission by overstepping their bounds, most recently demonstrated in the body-scanning practices and full-bodied patdowns of the TSA
the multiplying tentacles of big government invading our privacy all the way down to our personal medical records.

Howl, please.

and then

Howl some more.

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