Monday, April 25, 2011

Sister Cat

Cat stands at the fridge,
Cries loudly for milk.
But I've filled her bowl.
Wild cat, I say, Sister,
Look, you have milk.
I clink my fingernail
Against the rim. Milk.
With down and liver,
A word I know she hears.
Her sad miaow. She runs
To me. She dips
In her whiskers but
Doesn't drink. As sometimes
I want the light on
When it is on. Or when
I saw the woman walking
toward my house and
I thought there's Frances.
Then looked in the car mirror
To be sure. She stalks
The room. She wants. Milk
Beyond milk. World beyond
This one, she cries.

by Frances Mayes
American Poet
1940 -


  1. You must be a cat lover, Kelly.
    I am and this behavior made me smile.

    Frances Mayes is Georgia-born, but spent a lot of time away. Recently I reviewed her book, Swan; and now I have bought her poetry field-guide.

  2. I never think of myself as a cat lover, but I do love my own cat, Paisley.

    And now I know what I want to post for today. Stand by...

  3. I like the comparison of cat psychology with our longing for God. I had a cat like this, and I'm like this, so I know both phenomena well ;-).

  4. Hi Laura!

    This poem has an Italian connection, too. Georgia-born poet and writer, Frances Mayes, lived in Italy and has written about it. Remember *Under the Tuscan Sun*?

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