Saturday, May 28, 2011

Much Depends Upon Dinner*

Children in our culture learn manners at the dining table, and not manners only.

It is believed that falling away from the cultural custom of eating with others at table three times a day can cause backwardness in all of a child's speaking skills.

pg 13

Cultural anthropologist, Margaret Visser, has intrigued me for a long time.  Ever since I received her first book* as a gift.  And while I have not finished reading this one, the two-sentence excerpt above covers a lot of ground when it comes to rearing a family these days.

I think many make the task out to be harder than it really is.

Just remember ~

Eat together often.

Visitin'  happens.


  1. I got a little over half way through it before getting side-tracked, but I really liked it and plan on finishing it this year. I loved reading about other cultures -- it added a lot to our studies of traditional Japanese culture, which is so alien to Western culture.

  2. I've missed your blogging. Hope your summer is going well.