Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Join Weight Watchers

1)   I have never tried their plan(s) before.
2)   I want to jump start my metabolism and loose some weight.
3)   I like the vast array of resources and information.
4)   I think the accountability will help my ability to exercise will-power.
5)   I hope to relieve some major indigestion by making better food choices.
6)   I want to use regular food, not packaged meal shakes/protein bars.
7)   I like the online version and mobile application (read no meetings!).
8)   I have a friend who signed up and encouraged me.
9)   My doctor (DH) thinks it's the best diet of all.
10) It changed what I ate for dinner tonight!

Wish me luck!

PS  Photo of homemade Blackeyed-Pea and Sausage Soup and cheddar cheese toast.  Recipe for soup will be posted sometime next week.

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