Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Sermon Series

For the past five weeks, and I expect for the coming five, at least, our pastor is preaching on various Scriptures and tying in the lives/works of historical personages. This is related to his particpation in Vision Forum's Mega History Conference which took place in July. I was unable to attend, and so, I am delighted to be hearing snippets JCM's lectures.

So, far we have covered 1) John Calvin and II Cor 10:1-6; Martin Luther and Romans 3; 3) Augustine of Hippo and Psalm 48; and 4) Survey of Martyrs from 1st cent thru 17th cent and John 15:16-27; and 5) Jesus thru the centuries and John 1:1-14 & Phil 2:5-11. Obviously, the hour-long sermons are just skimming through history, but they are informative and motivating.

One of the best effects of sitting under this type of Reformed preaching is the HOPE it inspires. Just like Gen Rbt E Lee in a letter to one of his captains, lamented that the *march of providence is so slow.......but that it is history that teaches us to hope.*

From my point of view, I dont want to be one of those people described by George Santayana.....who cant remember the past, and therefore, is condemned to repeat it.

PS Last Sunday, the girls sang a capella *Great in Thy Faithfulness* Wish you could of heard them :)

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  1. Sounds like a great sermon series, Dana. I love the lessons we learn from historical figures.

    And, oh, I DO wish I could hear the girls sing "Great is They Faithfulness". That was my mom's favorite hymn and is part of every significant life event in our extended family. I just talked to my brother and he sang it for a dear friend's 75th birthday by her request.

    Three or four part harmony?

    Hey! I'm digging into "Hidden Art" and thanking you page by page for motivating me to read it. Wonderful!