Friday, February 15, 2008

Fashion Find Friday

Apple Green vs Kiwi Green

Here's what I wore for my most recent walks.

Somehow the greens came together in my closet even tho' the items were not bought together.

Here's hubby's green coat on me last February.

I must like green :)

Have you seen this color in the stores?

I was able to log 60 minutes of outdoor walking on Saturday, by dropping my car off for an oil change; walking to the office (15 mins); working for several hours; and then walking back (15 mins).

Finally, at the end of the day, I walked for 30 more minutes...since I'd been doing sedentary work.

You can get a glimpse of me here

as I set off for a short jaunt.

That's the back door of the office.

Notice the blue lab collection box?

By my nose?

Next time I'll post a picture of me in old sweats.

Or whenever I see Carmon in that *yellow* Henry Hazlitt T Shirt :)


  1. Where can I get one of those blue lab nose things? If only they came in green@!

  2. lol!!

    Still checking your sidebar for good articles to read
    ....especially the link for the birds and then the flowers.

    Thanks, Cindy!!

    Hey, wait! Are you walking?

  3. I am walking but not as much as I had hoped :)( I skipped today because I am feeling dizzy.

    Cindy, who is not getting my google account to work today.