Monday, February 11, 2008

Walking River Green

This past weekend was just too pretty to stay inside, so I walked both days, chalking up minutes for my Idita-walk Challenge.

Here are the photos from a 75-min excursion through a planned community about a mile from my own subdivision. I first visited River Green last September.

I parked at the entrance, not too far from this map.

And found myself staring down this parkway.

The hills are not too steep, but I do get a little out of breath. That's good!Then there's a straight-away where my heartrate can return to normal.

Here is the end of the line - about 3 miles from the entrance.

Turning around and walking back a bit, I captured this vista. Puny hills compared to the ones my walking buddy, Carol, sees in Oregon.

Here's a *roundabout* on your right. You cant see the playground and tennis courts, but they were being enjoyed by the residents.

Heading back up the hill, for the final climb to the car.

Take a walk today.

Show me your pictures.

Here are mine from Saturday.


  1. Oooh, what a pretty day for a walk! I need to get out for some air but the weather has been a bit poor the past couple of weeks. It looks like you live in a really pretty place.

  2. I really like your walks through the English countryside!