Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brothers and Birthdays

Ten reasons to celebrate the birthday of my younger brother with a cake baked by my daughter ~

1)  He never fails to remember mine.
2)  He leaves messages on my voice mail.
3)  He likes my cooking.
4)  His wife is nice to me ;-)
5)  His #1 son answered my email.
6)  His #2 son enjoyed a Summer Sunday with us.
7)  His daughter writes sweet thank-you notes.
8)  His #3 son's lacrosse game prompted this get-together.
9)  He remembered to share a book with me.
10)He shows his appreciation.

Here he is on the left, posing with DH.

Both fellas have July birthdays.

Brothers and Birthdays.....

Just go together.


  1. YAY for Willbur's birthday! Hope y'all had a great time!

  2. super, duper impromptu fun!

    After church we enjoyed BLTs at Kingsland; then cake and ice cream.

    Heard all about Albert's hike out west.

    Cake's all gone ;-)