Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Sunday

Watermelon Soup and Collard Green Pie were two of my contributions to the fellowship meal held after our morning service today. 

Practically speaking, I opened the refrigerator last night trying to decide what to prepare for the next day's meal.  I was determined to use what was already there ~ a very large watermelon from the family reunion and collards from last Sunday's dinner.

Recently we had enjoyed a perennial summer favorite, Gazpacho.  That cold vegetable soup together with the soaring summer temperatures inspired me to consider more cold options.
With only minor variations I followed the watermelon soup recipe found at Great Cold Soups. For example, instead of a Riesling, I used a homemade sweet white that I had on hand (a gift from a friend).  In turn that made me choose sparkling water where the recipe called for sparkling wine.  Then impulsively right before serving, I added some finely diced cucumber (not pictured) for contrast.

The collard green pie is crustless and made with seasoned greens, a combination of ricotta and cottage cheeses, eggs, butter, and flour.  The brown topping is crumbled homemade croutons.  I'm still working with this recipe which I'm trying to re-create from a teenage memory.  I think it needs less cheese and a puff pastry to be more in line with what I remember from my summer abroad.

Overall, it was lots of fun to share new food with old friends.


  1. They both look yummy! Wish I could have been there to taste... I'll have to try the recipes myself. :)

  2. I think I could benefit from your photographry skills, no?

    This shot was taken in a hurry - on the way out the door at 10 am!

    BTW - talked to Si and Carole Wages about both y'all being at the Elkhart Jazz Festival. What a fun surprise!

    Miss you and love you!

  3. Hey! Well done. I'm not much for collards, but it does look pretty tasty!