Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion on Friday

Color is popping up all over the gray landscape now that we're just days before the official start of Spring ~

Pantone's Palette comes to mind as I see

yellow forsythia

coral quince

pink magnolias

and that luscious

honey-colored beeswax

home to our friendly pollinators.

But it is still cold.

And wet.

So, I'm dressing warmly in light-colored turtlenecks wrapped with this sheer, multi-colored cotton scarf compliments of Spartina 449.

The blue rain coat is 30 years old and perfect for this time of year.

100% nylon made by Tote, this knee-length poncho washes well, takes up next to no room in the closet, and never goes out of style.

It will always remind me of Charleston, SC where I bought it in 1981.

The heavy coats and dark jackets are put away despite the lingering chill.

Be gone winter doldrums!!

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