Thursday, September 01, 2011

Larry McDonald Memorial Highway

All we need do is return to the fine highway we were once on.

There is a stretch of Interstate Highway 75 from the Chattahoochee River northward to the Tennessee state line that I have traveled all my life, but that I want to call to your attention today.

In 1998, the Georgia General Assembly designated this thoroughfare, the Larry McDonald Memorial Highway.

Thousands of people pass this sign daily.

I suspect that most ignore it.

Today, on the 28th anniversary of his death, do I especially remember this family friend, former employer, and dedicated American by calling attention to the principles he dedicated his life to teaching and preserving.

The above quote comes from the first chapter of his book, We Hold These Truths: A Reverent Review of the U.S. Constitution, and tells us how to reclaim our freedoms. 

The complexity of social organization does change. Our technologically sophisticated industrial society is more complex than the agrarian society of the eighteenth century. In this regard, that was a "simpler world."
But the complexities of politics (politics here meaning the science of governing) do not change much.
The basic political problems confronting the Framers of our Constitution were as complex as our political problems today - perhaps more so, because they were striking off into the dangerous unknown, whereas
all we need do is return to the fine highway we were once on.

Skip watching the Republican Presidential Debate next week.

Read Larry McDonald's book and use it as a guide to assess a political candidate's worthiness of your support.

He explains the *free way*.

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