Monday, February 27, 2012

The Roots of American Order

Chapter II - The Law and the Prophets

Comfort food might be an unlikely category for classifying this week's book club reading assignment, but that's where I place this section based on the way I felt after reading it.

I'm illustrating my commentary with a picture of what I prepared for Sunday dinner.

Shepherd's pie made from leftover venison pot roast
and sweet potato souffle,
freshly steamed broccoli,
buttered multi-grain bread
and a glass of Chilean red wine.

Am I keeping your attention?

Both endeavors required forethought, planning, labor, waiting, and consummation, leaving me with an intense feeling of satisfaction and strengthening.

It was worthwhile work.

Section Five Under God in Time and History was my favorite portion of the six sections in Chapter II because Kirk explained the Hebrew sense of time (psychic) in comparison to others or Greek (linear).  Which in turn explains how I can know that Christ knew my name when He was hanging on the cross and paying the debt for my sins, even though I was not yet born.

Furthermore, Kirk differentiated between sacred and secular histories, extrapolating the concept that it (experience and affairs) is not all about us, but all about Him (YAHWEH).

These two ideas comfort me (hence the categorization) because I recognize that I am part of the order of the people under the Covenant with God who will survive (the current presidential election process, if you will), even if America does not.

That's what matters.

So, repair to THE TAP ROOT created and nourished by the Old Testament aka the Law and the Prophets.

 for the purpose of
  • understanding
  • maintaining
  • renewing
our country's moral order ~

* inscription of my copy of The Roots of American Order


  1. Cool Beans!(about the autograph)

    I also loved the part about sacred and secular history. It went along with my post on history at the Circe blog and furthered my own understanding of what I am getting at.

    Oh, and thanks for commenting over there. I am super insecure about those posts.

  2. "I can know that Christ knew my name when He was hanging on the cross and paying the debt for my sins, even though I was not yet born." Love it.

  3. Comfort is a good angle; it's a word that always triggers:

    What is your only comfort in life and in death?

    That I am NOT MY OWN, but *belong* my faithful Savior Jesus Christ.

    The option to subscribe to comments seems to have disappeared from blogger blogs. :(

  4. @Mystie - I'm missing that feature (email f/u comments) and will see if I can figure out what happened.

  5. Dana, I think if you go into settings and click "embedded" for your comments option there will be a subscribe option. That is what I did and it worked.

    CINDY: I have been LOVING your CiRCE posts.

  6. I changed my comment settings and like it much better. Thanks, Brandy!