Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Roots of American Order Book Club
Chapter II - The Law and The Prophets

Welcome to my living room, ladies!

On this sofa is where I imagine some of you would sit, if we were gathering  physically in time and space for book club.

There is lots of room, seating for a crowd.  

So, dont be shy about speaking up aka commenting.

I decided to continue with an acrostic-like synopsis of the weekly assignment and plugged in some key words from Chapter II.

O - Origins
Levantine seeds from the Hebrews -> Israelites -> Jews were planted in new soil,  have germinated, flowered, grown and developed, producing a strong, healthy tree in a new land.

R - Revelation
The unveiling of truths that man could not have obtained from simple experience in this world is how we know.

D - Diety
There is only one.  He is just.  His name is YAHWEH -> Jehovah. He is for all people.

E - Establish
The Law - Decalogue, Pentateuch, Torah, The Bible - as articulated by seers who gave clear ethical meaning to human existence
R - Root
The high contribution of Israelites to modern society is the understanding that all true law comes from God; and that God is the source of order and justice.  The validity of this body of beliefs is determined by pragmatic evidence:  survival through the centuries and continuing relevance.

Americans inherited this understanding.

Without this legacy the human condition would be unendurable for many.

Therefore, I feel a duty to honor this foundation by sharing the message.

Read here about my favorite section from Chapter II.


  1. Dana,
    I enjoy your efforts. You know, one random thing that came up during the chapter was he kept referring to two Isaiahs. I had never heard that before and I went to Bible college (?) but then again I missed a lot because of ignorance. Any ideas about that. I am going to research it a little after our school day.

  2. Yes, I noted the reference to Isaiahs I and II.

    I did not allow myself the luxury of following down that rabbit trail.

    Let me know what you find out.

  3. Yeah, he believes that the book of Isaiah was not written by one person but by AT LEAST two people, perhaps centuries apart.

    Dana, your acrostic is engaging and creative and makes me smile.

  4. I hadn't heard the two Isaiah thing before, either.

  5. From a Catholic Encyclopedia ~

    The canonical Book of Isaias is made up of two distinct collections of discourses, the one (chapters 1-35) called sometimes the "First Isaias"; the other (chapters 40-66) styled by many modern critics the "Deutero- (or Second) Isaias";

  6. Dana I love your acrostics. They are such a nice, tidy...ORDERLY way of dealing with the material. ;)

    I went to seminary. There was only one Isaiah at the school I attended. My guess is that this is some sort of modern critical approach?

  7. I've heard of the two Isaiahs (a misspent youth in the PC(USA)?) but discounted the idea out of hand because of learning otherwise.

  8. Chiming in here because I'm reading along...very quietly. I asked my pastor about the two Isaiahs tonight. This was his succinct, Missouri Synod Lutheran-framed response: "I've heard of this idea. It's an idea found in liberal Bibical scholarship." I misunderstood initially and thought he was talking about liberal political views. I was *really* confused then. :)

    So, Brandy, I think you're on the mark.