Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Roots of American Order Book Club

 Chapter V - The Genius of Christianity

Nothing drove home the message of this chapter more than viewing  Passages  (link to website) this past weekend. 

Passages (link to newspaper review) is an exhibition honoring the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible and is considered a 'tour de force' of the most-banned, most-debated, best-selling book of all time.

That's why I went twice and hope to go again.

Preserving the written revelation of God to man through human scribes is an arduous journey, as narrated by Kirk in this chapter and as demonstrated by  The Green Family of Hobby Lobby fame.

It's encouraging to see such concrete testimony to one of the roots of American order.

Furthermore, there is an associated speaker series  which may provide me the opportunity to hear culture-maker Andy Crouch on May 1st

Now for my acrostic ~ 

Origins = Jesus, The Incarnate God, is The Genius, if I can be so presumptious as to call Him such.  We (bookclubbers) all know He is incomparable, but Kirk relates how others came to know Him.  I always like reading about that, making this section particularly enjoyable.

Rebirth = Reordering the soul through the power of the Gospel created new beings with a fresh outlook on life.  It affected how they saw themselves and how they related to others in their society.  Because Kirk had explained previously how lack of order in citizens' souls contributes to the downfalls of civilizations, it was inspiring to read how the tap root of Christianity was planted; and to recognize how difficult it will be to uproot it.

Dogma  = confident Christian creed. Two were established during the time period:  the Nicene and the Apostles'.  Practically speaking, these helped codify the faith and cohere the followers.  Crucial!

Experience = eternal life - the promise of this immortality was the most appealing concept or powerful attraction for espousing the teachings of Christ.  Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, a product of old school, ancient philosophy and Roman high virtue wrote extensively.  His influential works, Confessions and City of God, excoriated the dilemma of how to live with one another and with the State.

Resurrection = Rome began to flourish again, to transcend the circumstances of time, mainly due to Christianity.  Church leaders (bishops/popes) came to this city eternalized by the martyrdoms of disciples Peter and Paul.  The classical world had a habit of referring to this city for direction.  Pope Gregory preached and pastored at the end of this time period.  Also known as Gregory the Great, his efforts built the bridge that allowed Christian patrimony to cross over, spreading faith and culture... all the way to America.

Reflecting on Kirk's efforts to preserve the roots of American order creates clearer vision for me.

I wonder if Scott Green has read Kirk.

Or Kirk Cameron?

Cameron's new film, Monumental, (movie link) scheduled for release next Tuesday, March 27th, appears to be another concrete testimony to American order.

Supporting these two cultural endeavors translates into watering our thirsty roots.

Let's do it!

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