Monday, March 05, 2012

The Roots of American Order:Chapter III
Favorite Quote 

I'm still trying to decide which/what Greek trait to emulate most often.

In the meantime, my favorite quote comes from the section entitled The Cave and the Dust-Storm.

The wisdom and virtue necessary
 for contending successfully 
against a sea of troubles
 rarely are found united in one man.

Book club hostess Cindy's favorite topic seems to be  *moderation* aka The Golden Mean.  Dont miss reading her commentary.

Illustration ~
Alexander fighting Persian king Darius III. 
From Alexander Mosaic
Museo Archeologico Nazionale
Pompeii, Naples


  1. Required Reading ~

  2. Funny, my son and I had a discussion in the car today about how sometimes the best thing is to have a president of one stripe and a congress of another. He asked if I thought it would be better for the legislators to do nothing and I said that often that was the safest thing they could do.

  3. I love those kinds of discussions with my children. This year DD#3 is thrilled to be at home and old enough to cast her first presidential ballot, albeit a primary one.