Monday, April 09, 2012

The Roots of American Order Book Club

Chapter VIII - The Constitution of the Church and State

O = 

R = 


E = 

R =  

Dear Cindy,

I am not ready for this week's book club *meeting* on Tuesday (4/10), and am posting this Lancaster/York bouquet with a request for a week's Spring Break.

Love, Dana


  1. Well, I already have the week ready to go but I will change the date to next week. I have read the chapter but haven't written anything yet. I am soooo tired from having a new granddaughter, sleeping with my toddler granddaughter and then having 5 college boys over the Easter holiday. They left seconds
    Oh, and we had THE major holiday and Emily's sure we can take a week's break.

    1. That sounds busy!! I dont have any of those excuses for not finishing my reading.

      Do post Mr Linky and give everyone a chance to post something. We dont want to lose people/momentum.....

      I guess I really meant a *catch-up* week, not a total break from book club.

  2. I posted some quotes today...wasn't sure where the linky was so I was waiting. :) Glad I dropped in here!