Monday, April 02, 2012

The Roots of American Order
 Chapter VII Favorite Quote

Rather, colonial America generally shared the Reformers' detestation of Renaissance notions and ways.

The early Renaissance they rejected as the blending of a resurrection of licentious paganism with a corrupted Catholicism.  page 228

What commenced as a debate about theological questions and church discipline soon made an open breach in Christendom; and there followed a century and a half of devastation, the Wars of Religion, Catholic against Protestant, and one Protestant sect against another.

In the name of the Son of Man, the Redeemer, zealots took the sword against other Christians, illustrating practically the Christian dogma that all men are sinners.

Yet out of that long agony of religious fanaticism (mingled with national political rivalries, class warfare, and ruthless private ambitions) emerged the religious pluralism and toleration of the United States.  page 232

Illustration Information ~
Portrait of Leo X
by Raphael
Oil on Wood, 61 in x 47 in

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  1. "...illustrating practically the Christian dogma that all men are sinners." True, that. Oh, the irony of our lives...

    I have never seen that Raphael before. Thank you for sharing it! He looks...swinish. Is that a word?