Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Roots of American Order Book Club
Chapter XI - Declaration and Constitution

Still reading along with Cindy's online book club and enjoying Kirk's perspective on American Order, I have today neither witty summary nor succinct acrostic for my friends.

However, I do have some links to share.

Here's the one for Hillsdale College's online course on the U.S. Constitution.  I think Brandy of Afterthoughts knows about it.  Every Hillsdale graduate must take a course similar to this one.  As of Saturday, May 12th, we (graduates ourselves) will have graduated four daughters from Hillsdale College.

Here's a review of Dr Larry Arnn's, Hillsdale College President, newest book, The Founders' Key.

Here's a You Tube version of a lecture by the same title.  DD#4 sang with the Chamber Choir for this event.

While we know that the chapter is an essay about two historical documents, I hear the double entendre in the title.  I'm referring to another meaning for *constitution* - that is, the physical character of the body, as to strength and health, etc.

And for *declaration* - something that is announced, avowed, or proclaimed.

What exactly constitutes Americans?

What are we declaring?

For some, it is a far cry from what was intended originally.

For others, we have a duty to uphold (rebuild) our foundations.

So, I *read* 

and thereby *lead*.

PS  One more link for those of you who may not have figured me out yet  ;-)
One of my previous employers wrote a book about the U.S. Constitution.  Here's a link to my most recent reference to it.

PPS  Something to think about ~ While Dr Kirk taught serminar-type classes on a regular basis at Hillsdale College (and other institutions), he never sought tenure at any institution, preferring to earn his living *independently* (no strings attached).


  1. Hey! Congratulations to you on ALL of your graduates. Whew...you did it!
    I hope the graduation weekend is wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Renae! Everything went smoothly with an outdoor ceremony (cloudy, no rain, cool temp). We completed the celebration with dinner at Win Schuler's. Wonderful all around!

  2. I look forward to checking out all these fabulous links. :)

    I really hope that online Constitution course is around when my children are older...I'd like to require it for high school graduation!

    1. It really is amazing what is available online/on the internet these days. More than enough good choices to ensure fine schooling..... with a little help from discriminating parents ;-)