Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hidden Art Book Club: Chapter 6

 Gardens and Gardening

Spiller, filler and thriller is a mnemonic that fertilized my anemic horticultural skills recently.

See the faded pink bucket?

Formerly used as a toy bin and now gracing the view from my kitchen window,

this makeshift planter exemplifies the  aforementioned design.

Spiller = varigated ivy cascades down the side.  I probably need to add a few more sprigs around the perimeter so that they will eventually hide the bucket.

Filler = orange zinnias and white begonias occupy the center.  Additional pots on the left are ready to provide decoration indoor or out as circumstances arise.

Thriller = ornamental grass in the center leftover from a previous project.

Here's a link to one of the first times I tried SFT.   It started with the black metal chair that now holds a young hydrangea that is being nurtured for Fall planting.

I have so many thoughts about Edith Schaeffer's advice that I'm planning to break up my commentary over several days.

More in a day or two ~

Added later:
Where Garden Meets Wilderness by E Cal Beisner


  1. What a helpful mnemonic! I want to add some containers to our front landscaping this year or next, and I will keep that in mind. Thanks. :)

  2. I, too, like your mnemonic! And I also like the phrase "anemic horticultural skills"...mostly because I can relate! :D

  3. Nice! I am getting ready to fill my pots....late this year. I love the spillers but struggle with the thriller part.

  4. SFT - that's it! the perfect combination. I'll be remembering that. Your containers look gorgeous. How fun it will be to watch them fill out this summer.
    There was too much in this chapter to fit into one post. I'll be revisiting this topic, too, throughout the summer and fall as our garden grows and matures, Lord willing!

  5. Thanks very much! Maybe the mnemonic will help me to have more consistent success with my container plantings, which sometimes lack balance through a failure to plan.

  6. I love that! SFT!!! That is great and it looks lovely.