Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hidden Art Book Club: Gardens

Visiting and supporting public gardens both fall into the purview of tending our patch of ground, if we take seriously Edith Schaeffer's encouragements in The Hidden Art of Homemaking.

*Human beings were made to interact with growing things*

So, it is with great pleasure I draw your attention to Callaway Gardens where we will gather for an annual family reunion for the 22nd time in just a few weeks.

In my blog's sidebar there are links for CWAC (Cousins Week at Callaway) where you can read about our family tradition.

More links here, too.

But dont miss the opportunity to visit Callaway's website.

Originally conceived in 1930, after owner Cason Callaway wished to preserve the eco-system of the native plumleaf azalea, the family established the 6500-acre resort in stages.  There are more horticultural opportunities than I can take advantage of each year, so I never tire of returning.

Of course, visiting with our own adult children, my 25 nieces and nephews, various in-laws, plus some first and second cousins is the primary focus.  What a beautiful place for nourishing relationships.   I think the journalist who just published this op-ed about siblings in the NY Times might like to make a reservation.

Next, allow me to bring to your attention Gibbs Gardens located where I live in Cherokee County, GA.  

This landscape designer purchased over 300 acres about 35 years ago and has been developing them ever since.  Last year he opened the grounds to the public and wow!  What a refreshing place to visit.

In my first visit this year, I was taken with the red rhododendron, the fern dell, and this charming trillium (turned upside down for photo.)

Gibbs Gardens, like Callaway Gardens, sparks the dry wood of my lack luster talents and gives me just the right amount of inspiration to come home and try something myself.

What garden are you visiting?

This post is written and shared in conjunction with my participation in an online book club where we are reading Edith Schaeffer's Hidden Art.  Consider reading along.


  1. Ooh! I like your idea of visiting gardens.

    I don't know of any I can visit very close to here, but as a younger woman and a child I loved the Huntington Gardens in LA. We visited Buchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada on our honeymoon and that is still my favorite memory of our trip. It was soooo beautiful.

    1. Let me know, if/when you find one to visit in Bakersfield(?), Brandy

  2. When we lived in GA some years ago, my husband was given tickets for the family to go to Calloway Gardens for something he had done at work, and it was lovely. I mainly remember the butterfly arboretum and the chapel.

    1. The butterfly center is spectacular, Barbara! and we start our family vacation with Sunday worship in the chapel.