Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reunion Etiquette

Primarily reminding myself of these guidelines as our annual gathering begins this Saturday, I share these *ten commandments* with my blogging buddies.

The list is copied from Jennifer Crichton's informative volume.

A reunion isn't controlled by protocol, as a wedding is. And each family cultivates its own idiosyncrasies.

Still, a few laws do govern reunions - natural, underlying laws that must be followed lest the world be thrown into chaos and confusion.

And we dont want that.

So, with the help of Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners, we've drawn up the following commandments.

1) Thou shalt not forget thine ordinary manners nor thy common civility, just because thou art amongst thy brothers and sisters.

2) Thou shalt tolerate the tiresome relative (at least for a little while).

3) Thou shalt not play footsie with a distant cousin or thy cousin's spouse.

4) Sniping and carping about a reunion's lack of organization is an abomination.

5) Thou shalt orchestrate spontaneous praise unto the reunion organizer.

6) Thou shalt not talk about everything under the sun. Agree to disagree, and steer clear of such topics as the war in Afghanistan, parenting styles, gay marriage/clerics, public education, and the Federal Vision.

7) Parents shall not use intimate details of their children's lives as conversation fodder. (Boasts of children's accomplishments are acceptable, but parents shall be discreet in their phrasing and timing.)

8) Thou shall not reveal devastating family secrets about thyself or others unless thou hast arranged therapeutic support systems.

9) Thou shalt not publicly criticize the bad manners or poor behavior of any child not thine own.

10)Thou shalt flatter thy kinfolk - falsely or not. All nieces tap dance divinely, all babies are beautiful, and all aunts look as wonderful as ever.

Read more about our family reunion by clicking on the CWAC label.  Or my Xanga tabs.


  1. I don't know about #6, 7 and 8.... what is there left to talk about? ;)

    Just kidding of course, although those topics will probably crop up in some way or another. It wouldn't be our family if they didn't, right?

    1. I need a package of these ;-)

    2. Don't knock th' weather. Nine-tenths o' th' people couldn' start a conversation if it didn' change once in a while.

      Kin Hubbard
      American Humorist, Cartoonist