Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Hidden Art Book Club: Chapter 7

Flower Arrangements

Allow me to be the first to admit that I have not always followed Mrs. Schaeffer's advice when it comes to beautifying the ordinary meal.

It's not that I dont agree, I just didnt make it a priority to have a centerpiece at the dinner table.

Now that my children are grown, there is more time to spend expressing my creativity.

Here's one example, not in the kitchen, but in the front hallway from a couple of summers ago.

But in an effort to *keep it real*, I will share what is currently on the dining room table - a basket of wooden pears on a silver platter;  on the kitchen table - a basket of white chrysanthemums.

Practicing true Hidden Art (aka Schaeffer) style this year, I have planted a row of mammoth sunflowers along the backside of the house.  Just ran outside and took a *before* picture of the area.  We'll see how they grow.

Briefly though, in individual posts, I want to highlight three separate sparks that helped light the dry wood of my lack-luster talents in the area of flower arranging

First, my mother.

Second, a neighbor.

Third, an employee.

Whoops!  Make that four ~ because Mrs. Schaeffer contributed soundly to the planting, fertilizing, watering, warming, and general over all caring for my hidden talents ~ like the story from her high school years.

The bread becomes a different thing 
when eaten at a table with a lily in the centre.

More over the course of the week.


  1. Love the sunflowers in the vase! We don't do regular centerpieces, either. I was surprised the chapter on flower arranging focused primarily on the dinner table.

    1. IMO, Barbara, the dinner table is THE most important piece of furniture in a home.

      It surprises me when a family doesnt have enough chairs around the table to seat everyone.

  2. Dana,

    I thought first of you while reading because of your pictures of your dinner table.

    Sunflowers are truly wonderful and they attract the most beautiful birds.

    1. Thank you, Cindy. But 'tis true. When the girls were very young, we did not routinely have a centerpiece. We did, however, faithfully sit down and eat together.

      I will feel like a kindergartener again, if my seeds sprout!

  3. I know you're right that it's a better time to do all this sprucing and beautifying, when the children have left the house. It's very hard when the house is full of lives and their ensuing chaos. Beautiful sunflowers -- you're an inspiration!

  4. I like the quote you shared at the end of your post. And I like that you're "keeping it real," as you say. :)

    I think that is what I keep "hearing" as I read through this book. Do what you can with what you have. Small things matter. Anytime we add beauty to our homelife, it is "hidden art."

    1. I'm thinking it's a matter of training my eyes to see the art that is already there.....

  5. A beautiful arrangement, Dana!
    The family gathering around the table is a special and important event, and so I'm making a little more effort to add a special touch to setting the table more often, and giving my youngest children the chance to add their own special touch.
    Using flowers and nature to add a touch of beauty here and there reinforces in them, I think, to see the "Hidden Art" that is all around us.
    Enjoy watching those sunflowers grow! Sadly, only 1 of our many seed sprouted. We'll try replanting this week.

  6. I have a place to plant sunflowers and every year I forget!! My mom made me a really nice table runner for my table and as appreciative as I am of it I just can't use it right now since it is our only table for homeschool and dinner.