Thursday, August 19, 2010


Whereas, Bert Jordan is one of the pre-eminent attorneys in the State of Alabama (2010),  whose legal skill and acumen are virtually unparalleled in the legal profession;

Whereas, Bert Jordan's practice of law is well known to be consistent with the highest ethical standards, exceeding by great measure those standards to which attorneys are expected to adhere;

Whereas, Bert Jordan is well known to possess the highest level of integrity and honesty in both his personal and professional life;

Whereas, Bert Jordan has, for many years, served the Alabama Republican Party and its candidates and members faithfully, dutifully, and tirelessly;

Whereas, Bert Jordan's efforts on behalf of the Party and its candidates have resulted in innumerable successes at the ballot box, in the courtroom, and ultimately, in public policy, and have advanced the causes of justice, liberty, and democracy in the State of Alabama;

Whereas, beginning in 1994, Bert Jordan served as one of the attorneys in the year-long struggle against Sonny Hornsby and the Democratic Party that culminated in the vindication of the rule of law with regard to the proper treatment of absentee ballots and concluded with Chief Justice Perry Hooper, Sr., becoming the Alabama?s first Republican Supreme Court Justice since reconstruction;

Whereas, Bert Jordan served as chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee from 1995 to 1999, and, while serving in that position, was instrumental in facilitating the process by which ten judges of the Jefferson County bench left the Democratic Party at one time and joined the Republican Party; and

Whereas, Bert Jordan's good name and reputation have been unjustly and inappropriately sullied by an outrageous and politically-motivated prosecution that was initiated as retribution for his successful work on behalf of the Party and its candidates;

Therefore, be it resolved by the Alabama Republican Party,

That the Alabama Republican Party hereby expresses its gratitude to Bert Jordan for his long and distinguished service and looks forward with great anticipation to his continued involvement with and contribution to the Party, its candidates, its principles, and its ideals;

That the Alabama Republican Party hereby expresses its dismay over the wrongful and politically-motivated prosecution of Bert Jordan, its outrage over the erroneous judgment entered against him, and its confidence that he will ultimately be exonerated of those baseless charges of which he has wrongly been convicted; and

That the Alabama Republican Party hereby calls upon all Republicans to convey their expressions of support for Bert Jordan through their words, prayers, and resources.

January 2006

Art Credits ~
Pencil Study
by M L Jago

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  1. I don't think I ever had the chance to read that back in 2006. Glad you posted it now! That drawing looks familier... ;)

  2. My apologies to the artist....

    I will correct the ommision and give credit where credit is due ;-)