Friday, August 06, 2010

Fashion on Friday:What Not to Wear

Despite my regular bragging about how I re-vamp an article of clothing taking up space in my closet, I dont think I'm brave enough to participate in the television show What Not To Wear.

And I think Stacy needs to wear her hair shorter.

But that's beside the point ;-)

First introduced to me by DD#2, I have watched occasionally... and appreciated the transformations.

More entertaining though is to read this article about the reality show from Salvo Magazine.

Which prompts me to develop my own Fashion Meme.

1)  Have you ever watched What Not To Wear?

2)  Where do you get (or not) your fashion sense?

3)  What's been your favorite outfit this summer?

4)  What's your fashion weakness?

5)  What's your fashion strength?


  1. 1) Yep, I'll take credit for being the person who introduced you to this show. ;) So, of course, I watch it just about any time it's on... and then some. I really am a sucker for makeovers. I love watching the HGTV interior design transformations, too!

    2) Oh, I'd like to think my fashion sense comes from my artistic sensibility... although it also relies heavily inspiration of others. :)

    3) Favorite Summer Outfit (coral patterned dress + cropped sweater)

    4) I think it's that my fashion sense is sometimes more metaphysical than actual. I don't always dress up every day because I work from home... and sometimes PJs is as good as it gets. :/ I do like to look at clothes online, though, and plan outfits for certain occasions.

    5) Hmmm... if you were to ask my DH it might be "looking older than I am". In my opinion, it's not being overcome by current trends and appreciating the beauty of classic lines and colors, while accessorizing with more modern pieces. :)

    Check out my new blog post about fashion!

  2. Dana,

    i'm visiting again to get some inspiration - tomorrow is Friday again...

    1) I watched it once (it reminded me too much of me)

    2) I don't want to look like the girl next door (I'm honest now)

    3) Let's make it winter: a pair of slacks a friend made: brown corderoy with purple, orange & blue flowers - everybody loved it

    4) I have no fashion strength

    5) I only buy what I need

  3. Loved hearing from you, Sonja ~

    It's been very hot here in Georgia (southeastern part of US) with temperatures approaching 100 degrees each day. There has been little rain.

    Hence, I am staying inside much of the time and am wearing sleeveless tops/blouses/dresses.

    The heat slows everything and everybody d.o.w.n. including my inspiration for writing ;-|

    But since it's still Thursday in my time zone, there's still time for me to develop this Friday's post.