Sunday, March 05, 2006


Gustie and Sheffield 1918

Albert and Dorcas 1925

Aren't these old photos interesting?
I clipped them from our family website.

Does your family have a website?

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  1. Hi Dana!

    I love the old photos. They clothing is very interesting to me.
    Do you think Gussie is expecting in that photo?

    I also love their names. Very unique.

  2. By the way...the website is looking great! Did you do the updating?

  3. Gustie/Sheffield's first child was born in 1920, so if she's expecting, I have the date incorrect. They married in Feb '18 and he left for France (WWI). So, it's probably just the style.
    And wish I could say I knew that much about websites, but my mother actually did the updating!