Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sharp Weapons

Spurgeon's comments today on I Sam 13:20 are intriguing:

We might learn from our enemies if we would, and so make the Philistines sharpen our weapons.

Learning from our enemies is a dangerous enterprise, since one unless well-grounded might be persuaded to join their ranks. But nevertheless, today I will ponder learning from my enemies, identifying my weapons which need to be sharpened (axe, plowshare, coulter, and mattock). And then I will turn them over to the other side for sharpening? Isnt that interesting? There was no smith found througout all Israel....but all went down to the Philistines to sharpen....

First, however, I will beg the Holy Spirit to sharpen my zeal TODAY, so that I may seek whom I shall bless.

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  1. I love Charles Spurgeon,
    He is so cut and dry, and so full of real passion! His book Lectures to my students is a great book that I have enjoyed. Good practical advice. I love that he was virtually a Holy-Spirit taught man. I heard that he never went to cemetary. Ooops I mean Seminary!

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