Friday, January 12, 2007


I have finally pulled out my 2007 At-a-Glance Weekly appointment book. (I bought it in October!) It's about time since we're almost two weeks into the new year. As Donna suggested, I may be suffering from PTWS (Post Traumatic Wedding Syndrome), but nevertheless, life is coming together and I am slowly pulling out of 2006.

One good sign was that yesterday, I was able to close out October and November. That just leaves December. And then year-end statements. In case your wondering what that means....I manage my husband's private practice and keep all his accounting clean and up to date. Edit: DH just informed me that our accountant called yesterday, already looking for 2006 data! Yikes!

But the real essence of this post is about *Calendars* I have at least four:

1) Family Wall calendar located on the side of the refrigerator - it better be on it!
2) Photo Calendar at my desk in the basement - family bdays & anniv
3) Slim mini calendar in my purse - long term appts, conventions, mtgs
4) Main Weekly Calendar, which I call *my head* - nitty gritty details - Important

I've tried electronic versions, but cant stick with them. I detest losing data! Plus I save all my calendars. I have over 25 years worth. Can you say *packrat*?

What type of calendar keeps you organized?


  1. Personally, I use my Palm Treo phone. And my wife. Those two combined keep me very organized. And since the phone is an electronic device, I never lose it. *Knock on wood.*

    - Dean
    (I guess my abbreviation would be DSIL 1, perhaps?)

  2. I have Pre Wedding Traumatic Syndrome :)

    I use Amy Knapp's Family Organizer and I save them. They do give a picture of what life was like for me 'that' year.

  3. I have a wall calendar to give me the long view. And a desk calendar that has all important info on it.

    Hi Dean!
    Congrats to you and your young bride!

  4. I have a wall calendar which still needs birthdays, anniversaries entered.

    A friend gave me a Jane Austen desk calendar which I have considered using as a food diary; I haven't started ;)

    I think it makes sense to save calendars as a journal of your journey. Do you ever look through them?

    Our newlyweds are coming here for the weekend to surprise Curt for his 50th. So I'm hoping that I'll have some pictures to share with you soon.

  5. I love calendars. They are right up there with post-a-notes, pens, pencils, and paper.

    I found a new At-A-Glance daily calendar that seems to be a good fit with me this year. Seems like I'm so picky about the right size, the right page weight, the right smoothness of the paper. And I save me past dailys, why, I don't know.

    I like pretty wall calendars too. And I save them for their pictures for possible use in the classroom. I inherit the kids' old wall calendars too, so my file cabinet drawer is heavy with them from past years.