Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Five

Donna's Friday Feast questions always get me thinking and reminiscing. Sometimes it's easy to express myself and remember and other times it is not. I probably make way too much of the motley group of questions, thinking too deeply about their meanings. This year I think I will start posting my answers on my blog, so that I can keep a record.

What type of music do you use for walking?

Walking has been a good source of regular exercise for me and over the years I have used a variety of motivational music with a beat. I have a plastic tub full of cassette tapes. I do not yet own an Mp3 player (all my children do) and dont know how to *download*, but I am considering the possibility of learning.

Jenny Craig Walking tapes
Praise Walk tapes (Integrity Music)
Broadway Showtunes or Big Band Songs (Sports Music Inc)
Hooked on Classics

Postscript: Once or twice, I have been quite startled on a walk because I have become engrossed in the music and unaware of my surroundings. For this reason, I have cut back on using headphones.

Do you read the comics? If so, which is your favorite?

I read the comics as a youngster. I guess I stopped reading regularly when I left home and I no longer had regular access to a newspaper. Nowadays I read newspapers online, like the AJC and I head to the obituaries first, rarely stopping by the comics.

With that windy explanation, I can say that BC is one of my favorites. I am pleased to discover that the creator, Johnny Hart, is a Christian, and member of a Presbyterian church in NY. I think I will read him more often…online.

What online company do you use to print your digital pictures?

Of late, I have been using a local drug store, Walgreens, for digital picture printing. It is strickly for convenience… right hand turn in and out of the parking lot on one of my well-traveled paths.

Main Course
I feel like window shopping. Where on the internet, would you send me?

Another question which stumped me… I don’t usually window shop (per se) on the internet or at the local mall. However, I do order items from the websites of familiar stores, like Coldwater Creek or Talbots, but I think the quick answer to the question is *Amazon* because that's where I go when I am researching for an item.

What is your favorite foreign food?

Haute cuisine, as defined by Wikipedia

Haute cuisine (literally "high cooking" in French) or grande cuisine refers to the cooking of the grand restaurants and hotels of the western world. It is characterized by elaborate preparations and presentations; large meals of small, often quite rich courses; extensive wine cellars; and large, hierarchical and efficiently run service staffs. The cuisine was defined by the French cuisine classique until the 1970s, when cuisine classique was supplanted by nouvelle cuisine. Nowadays, haute cuisine is not defined by any particular style – there are haute cuisine restaurants serving fusion cuisine, regional cuisine and postmodern cuisine – but rather by careful preparations, elaborate service, obsessive attention to detail, and, most importantly, critical acclaim. Culinary guides such as the Michelin Guide and Gault Millau have helped to define modern haute cuisine, although some have suggested that their influence is on the wane.

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  1. Thank you for the BC link. I have enjoyed his cartoons when I have stumbled upon them.

    Of course you shop at Talbots.
    You are their perfect customer :o)