Monday, January 22, 2007

Situational Ethics

When DH was in medical school, there was a class discussion about abortion. The professor proposed a series of questions centered about the question *In this situation, would you perform an abortion?* If a student's answer was yes, he was instructed to take a seat on the opposite side of the classroom.

My DH ended up being the lone student on one side of the classroom, upholding the sanctity of life under all circumstances.

On this day in many states, there are memorial services/marches/events related to the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision. While I am unable to attend any this year, I will be wearing a lapel pin attesting to human life beginning at conception.

Who's defending life in your state?


  1. Hooray for your husband!

    I don't know who is defending life in our state. The people I think will defend it....never get voted in.

    And well. I thought GWBush would do more to defend life in our country and I am very saddened that in six years nothing has changed.

    It makes me feel hopeless about seeing any changes in the future. It feels like our big chance is...
    gone with the wind.

  2. Yes, hooray for your husband.

    In our small town we used to have a doctor who performed abortions; he has stopped. I think local protests and patients choosing other doctors had a part in the decision.

    We live in such a liberal state. Sigh. Our rural area is much more conservative, but the population in Portland and Eugene where the climate is much more liberal carries the elections.