Monday, March 12, 2007


Bolthouse Farms *Perfectly Protein*
Vanilla Chai Tea w/soy protein
10 g protein per 8 oz

This high-protein breakfast drink is right tasty, albeit a little sweet. I solved that problem by brewing a cup of plain Chai and combining the two. The bottle contains enough for two quick meals. See more choices at their website.


  1. Well, Dana, you know about my eyesight...

    What is this breakfast drink?

    I clicked on the picture and still couldn't tell..

  2. I saw this at Whole Foods yesterday...and thought of you :o)

  3. I clicked on the store locator and found to my surprise that all 3 of the stores I routinely shop at carry this line. For whatever reason I had never noticed it. I will certainly check for it next time I shop.

  4. I found this at our local store. The price is $3.50. Is that what you're finding too? I don't care for Chai Tea, so I bought the other high protein one called Mocha Cappucino. Yum, yum!! Can't afford it daily, but it's a nice treat and to think I get protein along with it.