Thursday, March 01, 2007

Iditawalk Update

Right on schedule for the 30 mins per day challenge!! Funny how, when I do walk, it's for a minimum of 40 minutes, so if I skip a day, I havent fallen behind. As far as pushing myself, I am pleased to report that I have recorded several 60 and 70 minute walks. I'm afraid there need to be more of those.

Lots of blogger friends are streaking: Donna, Cindy, and Janet. What about you, Carol? or you, Kim?

I'm putting on walking clothes now. It's a rainy day here in Georgia, so I'm going to have to be *ready at the drop of a hat.*


  1. My streaks are in the wrong direction: days without exercising.

    Lately I've been struggling with lack of energy and fatigue. So instead of getting on the elliptical trainer 5x/wk it's been more like 2x/week. Argh! It's that vicious circle: I know that exercising would improve my sleep cycles so I wouldn't be so tired.

    I have discussions with Curt about it. He's in great shape and very dedicated to his workouts. I just read last night about rowing and how it exercises so many muscles in the body. Maybe I need to switch machines, I queried. Curt the Coach said, Nah you just need to get outside and walk: walk hills, walk tracks, walk sidewalks.

    So keep on and maybe soon I'll pick up the inspiration.

  2. Day 61 of the streak!
    797 minutes of iditawalking!

    Weight lost since streak began.

    Slow but steady wins the race....right?