Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Family Poetry


Cousins Week at Callaway

Cause we have so much fun
Out and about
Under the trees
Spending time with all our loved ones
Involved in all the water fights
Nature all around
Surgery on the kitchen table

Winning in Monopoly against Grey (finally!)
Evenings spent around the circle
Ending the summer in style
Keeping the ball in the fairway

Always capturing the flag
Teeing up with the guys

Coming home with long-lasting memories
Arriving with anticipation
Learning to tie-dye
Leading cousins down the bike trail
Afternoons spent around the pool
What's a Woelke?
Assisting the director in homemade movies
Yearning to return for another year of adventure

Love, The Simpsons

I hope you enjoy reading this cute acrostic-style poem written by my sister's family as a thank-you note to my parents for the week-long family reunion they host every year at Callaway Gardens. For over twenty years my parents have invited their grandchildren to get to know one another by attending *Cousins Week*. After receiving this poem in 2001, it was printed on the back of T-shirts which everyone receives annually.

There are few better ways to build family ties....than writing poetry together.


  1. That's so neat! My aunt and uncle used to do that with my cousins and their children, first at Callaway, then at Hilton Head.

    Great poetry, too!

  2. That is a wonderful poem, Dana! Thanks for sharing. Your annual reunion is really something special, isn't it?!