Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lord's Day Evening

from The Valley of Vision:
A collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions

May the close of an earthly sabbath
remind me that the last of them will one day end.

Animate me with joy that in heaven praise will never cease,
that adoration will continue for ever,
that no flesh will grow weary,
no congregations disperse,
no affections flag,
no thoughts wander,
no will droop,
but all will be adoring love.

Guard my mind from making ordinances my stay or trust,
from hewing out broken cisterns,
from resting on outward helps.

Wing me through earthly forms to thy immediate presence;
May my feeble prayers now show me the emptiness and vanity of my sins;
Deepen in me the conviction that my most fervent prayers,
and most lowly confessions, need to be repented of.
May my best services bring me nearer to the cross
and prompt me to cry, 'None but Jesus!'
By thy Spirit give abiding life to the lessons of this day:
Let all who see me take knowledge that I have been with thee
that thou hast taught me my need as a sinner,
hast revealed a finsihed salvation to me,
hast enriched me with all spiritual blessings,
hast chosen me to show forth Jesus to others,
hast helped me to dispel the mists of unbelief.

O great creator, might protector, gracious preserver,
thou dost load me with lovingkindnesses,
and has made me thy purchased possession,
and redeemed me from all guilt;

I praise and bless thee for my sabbath rest, my calm conscience,
my peace of heart.

Today's sermon was from Colossians 2:20-23


  1. I love that book! (The Valley of Vision ... Colossians ain't too bad, either!)

  2. Dana, thank you for introducing me to Donna. I followed your link and found that she is a knitter, which I am re-becoming. (Is that a word?) And she is so interesting in other ways as well.

    And I, too, love Valley of Vision.