Friday, May 30, 2008

Fashion Fridays

I'm still having fun with the color *yellow* this Spring/Summer.

It's not a color I tend to wear, but it has become such a prevalent accent lately that it's easy to feel fashionable with an inexpensive purchase.

This past week I found a sleeveless polo horizontally striped with yellow, white, and kacky. Now I can mix and match several pants and skirts with this combination and economically update my wardrobe.

I never would have thought to put together yellow and kacky.

What's updating your closet?


  1. I think I'm coveting your yellow shoes - they're pretty!

  2. I have to admit to being a bit of a fashion rebel. When I was in jr hi I took purple as my signature color (I've always loved it) but then it became trendy and I didn't wear it again for over a decade.

    When you first posted about yellow, I said in the comments that I don't do yellow. I'd forgotten that one of my favorite cool weather outer garments is a light gold cotton waffle-weave cardigan that I've been wearing for about five years now. And today I'm wearing a long rayon jumper in dark green with pale gold and burgundy roses, and under it... a pale yellow knit top. I've had this outfit nearly as long as that cardigan.

    And I've had to resist the temptation to QUIT wearing them since I found out yellow is the in color.
    *rolls eyes at self*

    The newest thing I have is a skirt I made just last week -- an above-the-ankle A-line in cotton calico (muted pinks, dark blues, and dark greens on an ecru ground). I want to do the same skirt only in linen or a linen/rayon blend -- I like the way it drapes better than cotton, which is a little too stiff for my taste. Plus they wear so much better.

  3. Hey Laura!

    I thought you were the one who wore pink Birkenstocks.

    To a wedding, right :)


  4. Hi Kelly!

    Thanks for telling me about your new skirts. That's exactly what I'd hope visitors would do :)

    Actually I'm not a trend setter, fashion or otherwise. And I admit to bucking the system a little bit, too. So, I can relate to what you're saying.

    Furthermore, I resist having a name brand something, especially if it's status symbol.

    But I do like to *look nice*

    BTW did you get *Badger*mum from Wind in the Willows of some other reference?

  5. It's from Brian Jacques' Redwall books, but I do love Badger in TWITW, and Trufflehunter from Prince Caspian. The badgers are always good, solid, reliable folk.

    So glad to hear about your name brand resistance! I once scorned to buy a beautiful oxford cloth shirt for my son, even though it was on sale at the BX for less than $10 and he really needed one, because it had that stupid Tommy Hilfiger flag embroidered onto and I couldn't figure out how to rip it out without ruining the shirt.

    My fashionable baby sister thinks I'm rather silly.

  6. Yes to the charge of wearing pink Birkenstocks to my son's wedding - and I'll be wearing them again tomorrow at my niece's wedding!

  7. Those dainty sandals are really cute. They'd never look right on me, though, because I have flat, wide, kinda-clunky feet! Flip flops work for me, as long as they're not too narrow and thin.

    Hmm... There's not too much updating my closet lately because we're pinching pennies right now. I picked up some new underwear a couple weeks back from Costco. Does that count? :P