Wednesday, May 28, 2008


7 cups crushed ice

3/4 cup (6oz) frozen
limeade concentrate

6 oz tequila
(Cuervo Gold)

2 oz Triple Sec

2 T lime juice

Shot of Amaretto

In a blender add the above ingredients and whirl until smooth. The blending time depends on how powerful the motor of your blender is :)

Serve in chilled mugs or highballs.   I prefer not to salt the rim of my glass, but some do.  So, do that, if desired, before pouring a generous portion for each of your friends.

Makes enough for three adults.

Oh, and for some reason, it tastes better through a straw.

We had these before our BBQ ribs on Monday.

What's your favorite aperitif?


  1. Mmmm! I think I'll come to your house for margaritas! Make mine with lime juice and and salt on the rim, please!

  2. It's after 5 o'clock! Come on over :)