Sunday, October 05, 2008


There is a


between these legs

and the ones

posted in

Friday's entry.

Mine are (still) in the kitchen.

As previously stated, I was never planning to vote for Senator McCain and his choice of running mate didnt change my mind. It did, however, heighten my interest in a race that otherwise would not have been on my radar screen.

Hence, I watched the Vice Presidential debate and had a radically wonderful time live-bloggin' with friends at Dominion Family. I love sharing my opinion. Usually you dont have to ask :)

So, here's what I want to say:

Presidential elections are all hype - mainly rhetoric - much like Spirit Week preceeding Homecoming. The debates are like the pep rallies. And while those events serve their purposes, we all know that the practicing the football players perform during the season and the strength-training they grunt through during the off-season make all the difference in the world as far as outcomes go.

In my analogy, I see the in-season practices akin to the bi-annual congressional elections; and the off-season grunt work akin to the voting records of same legislators. That's where the real discipline takes place. That's where true information about political candidates is found.

I have campaigned, walked neighborhoods, made phone calls, stuffed envelopes. I have also worked on Capitol Hill for my congressman. I learned to vote for the candidate, not the party. And I learned that the elected official swears to uphold the Constitution, which does not necessarily mean that s/he will be voting the way his constituents would like. Furthermore, I learned that most politicians dont uphold that vow.

Look for the ones (shoes) who do.

Footwork comes in all sizes, styles, stations, and seasons.

Red heels are in.


  1. Well said! I agree about the hype that is being flung in our faces on a daily basis as we near the finish line of the election.

    and btw: your red heels look smashing!! ;-)

  2. I keep thinking about what I really mean when I ask if one is bold enough to wear red shoes.

    And I think it means that I'm strong enough in what I think to say and do what I know is right (looks good in this case) even if it's not what everyone else is doing.

    or saying

    or voting.

  3. Your analogy is very good, Dana. I think debates are entertaining, but I don't think they help very much in giving true insight into how the candidate will rule. Most are not willing to do the hard work of finding out the truth through voting records.

    Sadly, for many years the candidates from the two major parties have made promises and statements during their debates that show they will not take their oath of office very seriously on inauguration day.

    Love the shoes :-). I just bought some very sedate brown pumps but the heels are much taller than I am normally used to. Anna says they do wonders for my legs :P.

  4. Nice legs, Momma. ;) I'm thinking of casting my vote for Chuck Baldwin (Constitution party). I have great distaste for Palin....I may be one of few old-fashioned folks left out there who feels a little odd about having a woman (especially a "hockey mom") in office. Who will be taking care of her children?

  5. Is Baldwin on the ballot in your state? We have to write in his name. Should be fun talking to the poll worker about that :)

    Actually my problem with Palin is her politics, not whether her children are being well-tended. For all her conservative talking points, (and dont get me wrong, I'm glad she's bringing them up) deep-down her foundations are not what I can vote for - man or woman.

  6. Dana,
    One thing about Palin is that she did start at the bottom and worked through local politics. I find that interesting.
    I guess John McCain won't be wearing red shoes tomorrow night which makes that debate way less appealing!

  7. Hi, Cindy!
    Yes, you are right about the hard work that Palin has put in. She's paid her dues and and demonstrated that she is willing to sacrifice the way Gary Demar describes in his *Third Party* article.

    BTW Thanks for the plug :)

    PS What do you know about your congressional candidates?

  8. Our district 5 race is pretty hot. There has been a lot of mud. But our Republican candidate, Wayne Parker, seems like the real deal.