Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mad for the Lord

King David supposedly feigned madness before the king and secured release from his enemies. We may wonder whether he wrote Psalm 34 afterwards or actually spoke those alphabetic verses ad lib. But I know that when I hear someone *talking crazy*, I tend to distance myself. I would *let him go.*

Fortunately, the rest of the Bible proves that David was not crazy, but a God-fearing man. Does that make him *mad* (insane or demented)? Over and again David reminds us in his poetry that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is practically an injunction to fear God.

Today God-fearing men are rare.

Furthermore, God-fearing men are not noticebly welcome in the pulpit or the pew. I am thankful that our preacher will admonish us to fear the Lord. Here's a link to such.

Obviously, they are not found in the political arena.

Or in the government colleges and schools.

In fact, the main characteristic of the our society today is the post-Christian man (or woman) who admits no fear of God.

Did you learn in childhood that certain things exist which we ought to fear? Who taught you things like *it is a mark of manliness to hate what is abominable or to fear to commit evil.*

From Russell Kirk's essay -

A God-intoxicated man, knowing that divine love and divine wrath are but
different aspects of a unity, is sustained against the worst this world can do
to him;

while the good-natured unambitious man, lacking religion, fearing no
ultimate judgment, denying that he is made for eternity, has in him no iron to
maintain order and justice and freedom.

I hope the current financial disaster brings to consciousness a remnant of God-fearing men and women, a renewed knowledge of the source of wisdom. What raises up heroes and martyrs is this fear of God.

Yup, David was *mad* - intoxicated for the Lord.

I'm *mad*, too.

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