Monday, September 29, 2008

Taste and See


the Lord



Psalm 34:8

Fed at church by a rich sermon based on David's poetry written when he was *insane*, we came home to enjoy tasty flavors and good conversation too. Physical and spiritual nourishment on both fronts.

The psalm (34) is well-known to me, but was revitalized by the sincere preaching of our minister. I loved the personifications of the Lord in verses 15 - 17, when David talks about God's eyes, ears, and face. Furthermore, I plucked this week's memory verse (Jer 9:23-24) from an association with verse 2 about boasting in the Lord.

In the same way, the ingredients for our dinner were a motley melange taking up room in the refrigerator for almost too long :) Over the weekend, I was challenged not to use any gasoline due to the shortages we're experiencing as a result of the Texas refineries being damaged by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

All that to say that I determined to prepare Sunday's dinner without going to the grocery store.

The menu below went through several modifications over Saturday as I hunted through cupboards, tossed out spoiled foods, and used *mad* cooking skills. Not exactly insane, but as creative as David before Abimelech?

Italian Baked Chicken
Steamed Broccoli
Sauteed Peppers & Onions
Orzo with Parmesan
Pesto Rolls

Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream with
Homemade Chocolate Sauce and
Roasted Georgia Pecans

Iced Tea and Coffee

How are you showing your *madness* for the Lord?


  1. Wow! If that's a "clean-out" meal at your house, I want to be invited to partake!

    Our "Whatchagot" stews or casseroles are not nearly so elegant and nice!

  2. Well, you are right, Laura. My must-go soup is usually what develops when I clean out the 'fridge like this. But in this situation, I had made a lot of purchases almost four weeks ago...around the time of DD's wedding. So, that's what I was working with.

    Nice thing about this meal is that I have leftovers, too.

    And I'm not dealing with as many people as you are right now.