Thursday, September 25, 2008

Writing the Government

Here's a copy of a letter I sent to my Congressman today. I think I was ten years old when I first started writing letters to members of Congress. When I was twenty years old, I worked on Capitol Hill for my Representative and kept track of letters and faxes like the one I mailed today.

Have you ever written to your Congressman or Senator?

From: (yours truly)

The Honorable Tom Price
424 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515

VIA FAX 202 225 4656

Good Morning:

This letter is sent via fax in order to communicate my opinion on the upcoming legislation designed to save various financial institutions and prevent a crisis in the US economy.

I strongly oppose government intervention in this case.

It is time for Congress to put down its foot and reject the Administration’s proposal. Please just allow the bust to work itself out.

I am willing to suffer through this hangover to keep politicians from shielding CEOs and their companies from the consequences of their risky actions.

Feeling fleeced in GA, I am

Your constituent,


  1. Thank-you for this, Dana. I am feeling fleeced in Alabama also. I am waiting to hear how our hero, Shelby, held up today.

  2. I thought I heard that Shelby was absent from Committee meetings today, but just read on Reuters that he was in meetings with the White House.

    Hope he makes some headway as leader of the opposition.

    Off to see what Chambless and Isakson are saying - the two GA senators.

  3. From the Albany GA Herald -

    Among others who have voiced their opinion on the potential bill is U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson.

    “This week will be a critical week for the economy. I need to see the details of the Treasury proposal, but I believe congressional action is not only necessary but essential,” a statement from Isakson said.

    The statement Isakson provided also attempted to relieve the tension Georgians are feeling about the proposed bailout.

    “I will work to protect the 401(k)s, IRAs and savings of all Georgians,” he wrote. “I will work hard to see to it that the action we take provides short-term financial stability and long-term financial security for the taxpayers of Georgia and their families.”

    A phone call to Chambliss’ office in Washington went unreturned Wednesday.

  4. Dana,
    With your background I would love to hear your detailed opinions on what is going on and what it means. Any future prognosis?

  5. You flatter me by asking my opinion, Cindy.

    My prognosis is related to my prescription for treatment: Expect the worst and hope for the best.

    I am blest by the Lord to be optimistic, but that doesnt mean I (we) havent taken steps that would help shelter us from a storm.

    I have a post rolling around in my head about these economic issues, but at the moment I will leave you with a Rushdoony quote:

    “The end of an age is always a time of turmoil, war, economic catastrophe, cynicism, lawlessness, and distress. But it is also an era of heightened challenge and creativity and of intense vitality. And because of the intensification of issues, and their world-wide scope, never has an era faced a more demanding and exciting crisis.”

  6. "Nobody can say it like our chief can." Sorry, I just read The Dawn Treader. You know, I have always believed that. I have always thought that the only true reform would come on the heels of a collapse of some sort. Thanks for the reminder to stay cheerful.

  7. Good reminder. I've never read that quote before but boy do I love it. I don't ever tell people that I think we're living in very exciting times and I wouldn't change places for anything, but I'm afraid they'd think I was psychotic.

    Nah. Just postmillenial.

  8. Looks like your congressman and my congresswoman (Mary Bono Mack) both voted FOR the darn thing. :-(

  9. Well, Laura, that's interesting because I called Tom Price's office yesterday to confirm his vote and they said he voted *NO*.

    Plus on the news they said there were only two GA reps who voted for the measure....

    SOOOO, I will double check.

    Thanks for the link.

  10. Here's a link which says he voted *NO*

  11. ah, you are correct! Did I misread the spreadsheet link I sent you, or did it mysteriously change?? haha (age'll do that to a person). I seriously thought I read it as "for". Anyway, the congressman in our closest neighboring district voted against so I wrote and thanked him. :-)

  12. I think the link you sent has probably been corrected.

    At any rate, I'm thinking my congressman will vote *no* even if the legislation comes up again.

    But Senator Chambliss is another story..... if he votes in favor of this, I will definitely vote against him on Nov 4th.