Friday, October 10, 2008

Fashion on Fridays

The weather is cooler and calling for outerwear.

So, this weekend I'll be involved in the great *switcheroo*.

That is - putting away the summer and spring clothes and hauling out the fall and winter.

To give me some direction as I sort through my belongings, I'll be looking for ten items to undergird my wardrobe.

I'll build and coordinate around these.

1) Stitch Interest Sweater (seen above *new* with *old* T-shirt)
2) Purples
3) Unique Print Top (I use scarves here)
4) Vest
5) Crisp White Shirts (link to *how to iron a shirt*)
6) Animal Print
7) Jacket
8) The Suit (i.e. Sunday clothes)
9) Denim

The real test for me this weekend will be how much of what I havent worn in the past three years I can actually part with. Goodwill has a store just around the corner. It is not out of my way to drop things off!

BTW Did you find any purple, mulberry, aubergine, or grape in your closet?

I've been wondering?

So has Emily Dickinson.

Purple — is fashionable twice —
This season of the year,
And when a soul perceives itself
To be an Emperor.


  1. I did my switchover last week. I have a few purples, but more turquoise, brown, and this year - orange.

  2. Oh, I love orange, Laura! I'll be wearing that, too :)

  3. I'm a crisp white shirt kinda girl. I'm especially fond of the belted, high-waisted ones, paired with a chunky (a la Brighton) necklace or pearls. Blouses can be worn with anything, and dress up a pair of jeans nicely. I also wear a lot of plum (aubergine? maybe I don't know the diff), because it enhances the green in my eyes. :-) As for switching wardrobes...huh? haha Californians have one season, with slight extremes on either end of the thermometer. Don't really even need a coat here, just a jacket, and perhaps some closed-toe shoes for a few months, then back to the sandals!

    The Rowenta website also has great tips on how to iron a shirt.