Monday, December 08, 2008

Messiah on Mondays

Dedicated on January 5, 1868, this Romanesque-style brick structure was the location where Messiah was sung thrice over the weekend.

While this photo pictures the church on a pretty Spring day, in reality we were there on a cold, snowy winter evening waiting almost an hour for the doors to this historic sanctuary to be opened.

It was a perfect setting for this Christmas tradition.

When we stood for the Hallelujah Chorus as did King George II in 1743, the congregation at College Baptist Church in Hillsdale, MI gave the conductor reason to glance over his shoulder. He seemed to feel our enthusiasm.

The Hillsdale Collegian had heralded the three upcoming performances in their Thursday online edition, but we knew we wanted to be there in person because we had two daughters singing.

One had been selected to sing three recitatives :)

In addition to the choristers, the Hillsdale College Orchestra complete with authentic harpsichord and pipe organ combined to make this a most stellar occasion that we will remember for many years to come.

Both flash photography and audio recordings of any kind were strictly prohibited, so we are looking forward to a promised DVD.

Who in your family is singing in a concert or playing at a recital?


  1. No concerts or recitals here - we don't sing well.

    A few years ago some friends invited us to go with them to the Kennedy Center Concert Hall in D.C. to hear the NSO play Handel's Messiah. What we did not know was that the audience was supposed to sing along in parts. Steve and I are very bad singers. But we enjoyed the music and the soloists. I felt bad for our friends, though. It was one of their beloved annual holiday traditions and there we were croaking along!

    But my dil, Karin, has a beautiful voice and is a good pianist. She sang "I Wonder as I Wander" for yesterday's offertory at church, and she'll sing next Sunday night at church for our second Sunday worship.

  2. I would like to participate in a Messiah Sing Along and have found one here in the Atlanta area.... but I'm not sure I can convince someone to go with me.

    Surely it doesnt matter whether one can carry a tune or not :)